New Rules for Us

Written by Vera Struck

There are three of us on this journey. We didn’t really give our families much of a choice. And we have no idea where it will take us; together or apart the journey will make us stronger.

I met Peter first at a networking event. I recall briefly sharing a few words and an affinity for the renewable energy space and so I invited him to attend a North Shore Tech Council event the following week. At the event, after introducing him to a dozen members he moved me off to a corner and began a lengthy discussion about renewables, bio-diesel and sustainability. He shared his concerns about global warming, the sustainability issues of the bio-diesel industry and his personal dreams for himself and his family. That’s when we discovered we had both applied for the same Operations/Enterprise Executive role at a large organization. Humble man, great heart, sound ideas.

I met Joanna at a different event and we hit it off immediately. She’s from England, dresses very fashionably and has a wonderfully quirky sense of humor which I believe comes from too many years of marketing in the hospitality field. I expressed my interest in sustainability and cleantech, she shared my interest in social media. And out it came, she also had applied for the same position Peter and I did.

So blame me, I brought the three of us together over coffee. Like the Three Musketeers we reconnoitered, giggled, shared lifelong dreams, practiced our fencing, drank too much Kool-Aid and excitedly decided to go on an adventure. Whether out of sheer frustration with the current recession, the impossible job market and economy or our disappointment in the state of our nation and planet; we threw out the gauntlet. New rules for us.

And so it began, our exploration towards our own sustainability. Whatever that means and whatever it takes!

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