The Why Questions

Written by Vera Struck

I began a conversation around my favorite book, Start With Why, and TED talk of last year by Simon Sinek, which we watched and then we decided to answer our own “why” questions. It became our “assignment” for the next meeting. Here are mine.

1. Why are we doing this?

As a human in this earth body, I find that collaboration occurs when the participants feel safe. That comes from an unconditional respect and trust of fellow participants that practice generosity, vulnerability, candor and accountability. Vocation, friendship and relationship satisfaction have only come to me when I feel part of a safe group. Call it my Native-American heritage; one spirit with all and the land. Perhaps I am the Ghostdancer. Poetics aside, in order for me to live the best life I need to save myself and save the planet. There is an altruistic theme running through my answer.

2. What problems are we solving?

First, our own sustainability (all domains). Secondly, willing family, friends, colleagues, Thirdly, others as we connect. And that is regardless of which for-profit/non-profit vehicles (ours, friends) we use as side venture revenue stream generators for the journey. Let’s choose one problem and solve it. Then rinse and repeat.

3. Are we adding value?

Of course we are. Let’s start out with a few values of our activity thus far, off the top of my head. Social contact, entertainment, hope, possible financial sustainability, peace of mind, passionate expression vehicle, friendship, lifelong colleagues and multiply times three.

4. Will this change behavior?

I know so. I trust we can do all of those you mention above Peter, the earth is ready for us to engage. Like Nike, let’s just do it. The response will give us our clues.

5. Is there an easier way?

Perhaps we will develop our own set of values, then add them, just as Timberland did along their journey. If we trust the process, it will reveal itself.

6. What could you be doing instead?

Clearly, from what I know of the three of us we are all stuck in a waiting pool purgatory. Let’s reach into our tool boxes, define a trajectory WHILE pursuing the typical. Let’s assess, collaborate, stage, execute and measure. (Six Sigma) Define the trajectory, take up the pace a notch and commit “X” hours a week to this pleasurable experience, eh?

7. Is it really worth it?

Of course. In fact, it’s an imperative and the right thing to do.

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