Group Process

Written by contributing author, Peter Rudd

Transition Essex is the name we choose for our small group.  Not so much out of strong conviction or revelation that we had discovered the purpose of our gathering, but rather to make it easier for us to label the shared “thing” that we were working on together that was different than what we were or would be doing individually.

Unlike most gatherings of people, the reason why we are getting together seems to have more to do with what we don’t know than what we do.

Don’t get me wrong; there is an abundance of clearly identifiable problems and challenges that can be better addressed as a group than individuals.  But our process seems to have grown more from the void of life rather than the stuff. Each of the founders of TE has been uncomfortable with life as we know it.  Our histories and perspectives are different but interestingly we are discovering that a solution, and answer that benefits all may be the best for each individually.

One thing is certain, it is difficult for people to live and act as a group.  But is also true that is often hard to live period. The very act of being together is a skill that requires learning and practice and patience. It is hard work. Living in a society of anonymous individuals interacting merely for economic efficiency and dealing with the consequences. We at TE seem to share an interest in the questions “is this all there is?” and “How can we contribute to improving on the status-quo?”  Should be and interesting ride. Indeed it already has been.

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