The Snow Diaries

Written by Vera Struck

We did not know it then but this second meeting at the Merrimac Library was just the beginning of a month of infamous Nor’easter snowstorms that crippled New England.

In front of us was this great window on a white landscape. Before us, a white roll of paper on the counter. The blank canvas, where we could project our homework for the day’s meeting; Our Ideal Day, our ideal project. As usual, we seemed to have a lot to cover in two hours.

Yes, you may ask,  ”why?”. I thought it a useful exercise for the three of us to know our work/life balance, whether we could work/play effectively as a team. Fleshing out a dozen or so project ideas that we could research and analyze against qualifiers; seemed appropriate for us to cut our teeth on.

How typical it is that in my scenario, other than sleep, my greatest time allotment was for conceptual creativity 5.5 hours per day. Clearly I should invent an “aesthete in residence” role. I believe every corporation should have one. I’m going to work on this.

For my colleagues, still in their primary parenting roles, family nurturing time appeared to be more relevant.

We all agreed that we would prefer to work intensely and smartly at only 4.5 hours a day. I chime in, C-suite experienced as I am with, “Doable, let’s make it so.” The trekkie in me can’t resist the challenge to go where no man (average American) has been before; the 4.5 hour/4 day a week sustainable career. As I leave the library to the theme of the original Star Trek series, I am full of hope, wonder and joy.

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