Climate Change

Written by contributing author, Peter Rudd

Yes, it is still debated. While the weight of scientific findings confirms the role of humanity in environmental change, there is a dissenting view with its own scientific backing and a loud voice.  One thing is clear to me, however, and I don’t need to do any research to prove it, and it’s that the evidence is all around me.  Our climate has changed and the forecast for the future is for larger and more frequent storms.

Reduced employment benefits, outsourcing, higher deficits, reduced savings, high unemployment, stagnant wages, rising prices characterize much of our new environment.  I don’t know anyone who disputes these facts. Yet, this common understanding, this unanimous acknowledgement of the problems we face, has done noting to mobilize us. Sure there are pockets of individuals here and there, media reports etc. that are uncomfortable, but, then again, there always are. But it sees that the collective noise we face each day has reduced our capacity to fully appreciate the change that surrounds us.

A few citizens on both sides of the “issue-divide” are using the frog-in-the-boiling-pot to describe the changes we are collectively going through. From tax regulation, government policy, energy prices and market swings to greenhouse gas, social security, housing, and inflation our lives are changing and being changed. Few of these changes seem to be for the better. The forces at play are large but I want to believe that there is something we can do about it. Before anything can be done however, we must acknowledge the changes that are taking place. I wonder sometimes, are we frog or are we pots?

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