Are you, your family, community or company Terrablu?

Written by Vera Struck

1) Do you define sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”?  Do you consider it an imperative?

2) Do you have a sustainability initiative or eco-strategy? Do you practice recycling, energy efficiency, conservation and socially responsible practices? Are you directing social responsibility or sustainability matters n your family, community or workplace or do you know who is?

3) Do you know your carbon and water footprint? In other words do you know the social, environmental, economic and cultural impact of your behavior, products or services? Do you report to the Carbon Disclosure Project? Do you file CSR Reports?

4) Do you participate in an engaging sustainable community? (online gamification, Transitown, Natural Step, greenteam, ecoteam, etc.) If you are a community or company, would you be willing to make investments in gamification, career development software to nurture an employee’s sustainable practices?  Would you invest in an enabling strategy to extend that to their families and community?

5) Do you engage (quarterly) your internal and external stakeholders (customers, family members, investors, regulators, local community, suppliers, media, media followers, employees, competitors, government officials) in a conversation about sustainable practices?

If all answers are “Yes” to the questions, you are Terrablu!!!!

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