Written by Vera Struck

Yes, I am a fan of the HBO show, Trueblood, and the Twilight series. It is that time of the year again when some of us celebrate Halloween and are busy making costumes for our children, nieces and friends. My neighbors are outfitting as Sookie, Bill, Eric, Bell, Edward Cullen and Detective Bellefleur while I’m figuring out a costume that looks something like this:

Your intro to the slaying of energy vampires is best seen here.

This month my focus, while visiting friends homes and offices was to note their energy vampire practices. We pay over $1 billion a year for leaving our smartphones, device chargers, and TV’s (the greatest energy suckers) plugged in or “idling”.

I encourage you to use watts up? or Killawatt to run your own home/office audit and find out which of your appliances/devices consume the most energy. Then take the following sustainable practices:

• Recycle old appliances and purchase Energystar products

• Unplug all your smart devices chargers when not in use.

• Unplug seldom used appliances and devices

• Consider such power strip products like Wattstopper, Bits Limited

These may seem like small efforts, however, sustainability means the energy we save and the GHG emissions we save will not only achieve cost savings for you, but also leave a planet for our children.

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