A Terrablu Halloween

Written by Vera Struck

According to the US Census Bureau, there will be an estimated 41 million trick-or-treaters in the US where there are potentially 117 million houses to choose from. Why not integrate sustainability concepts while the family has a great time!

Practice becoming a terrablu team member:

• Construct great Halloween decorations out of recycled materials you have collected throughout the year; or better yet, get the whole neighborhood together, share resources and create a themed block of scariness!
• Creating your own costume or purchasing a used Halloween costume from a thrift, second-hand or consignment shop.
• Perform a terrablu charitable deed:

  1. Sight Night – collect eyewear for those in need
  2. Treats for the Troops – collect treats for our troops overseas

• Serve ethical sustainable treats or Fair Trade chocolate

• Host a terrablu (or green) Halloween party or Neighborhood Bash

• Play games like: Haunted Hybrid

So dress up, have a great time and know that preserving a culture (Halloween started with the Celtics) defines who we are while preserving a tradition – that’s sustainability!

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