Got Sustainability?

Written by contributing author, Joanna Ouellette
Marketing has been one of the most significant drivers of our western culture for a century, now. It reminds me of how our brains can be rewired to make decisions based on short term gain, like an addict, often in direct contention with our long term goals and our intelligence.
After all, what else can make us awaken a need that we may not have been conscious of, before (and we did quite well without, thank you)? Or spend a higher percentage of our income on something we would otherwise not consider a priority, forcing us to make difficult decisions with the rest of our hard-earned cash?
Unfortunately, this is the position we now seem to find ourselves in on a grand scale, which has negative consequences for our earthly sustainability, and our ability to think and move towards sustainability.
Not that marketing is ALL BAD; in this small corner of the world, without marketing I wouldn’t know about other passionate sustainability advocates or the groups they have created, the events they produce and the impact they are having. Which makes me feel more passionate because I know I’m not alone.
But effectively marketing (or un-marketing) sustainability needs to be approached as though we ALL need it, like milk.

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