New Rules of Engagement

Written by Vera Struck

Please forgive this longer than usual blog entry for our launch!

As Founder of this new venture, I determined that its mission should reach beyond creating awareness of the issues and providing sustainability tools and calculators; that it would need to reach deep into our minds and hearts, in order to create the shift to engage and affect change on a broader level.

As we prepare to launch Terra Blu Teams this week we feel compelled to differentiate our sustainability mission and engagement model. There are many hard working organizations that have been created out of a shared passion for the preservation of the planet we cherish, for the benefit of future generations. And while we fully believe that unless we find a way to sustain and grow the sustainability “movement”, we are not going to reach the tipping point by working in isolation.

Here’s the thing, it’s not just about the clean-tech engineers technology that can give us greater energy efficiencies and energy optimization. Nor it it just about more efficient softwares to drive better measurement or supply chain optimization to reduce GHG emissions. Even changing the impact of your product or service with LCA (life cycle analysis), redaction and recovery is not addressing the deeper issue at hand.

The dial will not move unless we deal with the elephant in the room. The long neglected social, economic and environmental responsibility of corporations, governments and communities by tackling how to change long-term human behavior. What is outside there is clearly caused by whay’s inside you and me.

So here goes:

  1. Our engagement model is deeper, more complete, and scores long-term permanent change through shared value creation.
  2. We are not just “green”, we drop the “yellow”, we are fully blue from ocean floor to infinite cosmos. We cover the entire QBL, (quadruple bottom line) spectrum as opposed to just part of it.
  3. We start by empowering the individual ready for change with inspiration, formal and informal education, humor, gaming competition, team/community involvement and leveraging tactics.
  4. We make it fun, healthy, fresh and organic.

How do we do this?

In one of our educational vehicles, we positively inform, educate, and inspire real people from the inside out with 52 weeks of sustainability exercises throughout 2012. After experiencing and incorporating these practices into their lives, their excitement expands to inspiring their families and communities; in turn, they learn leveraging points to utilize with their workplace and governmental officials. This empowerment leads to cultural and social change, and it can happen in a heartbeat. If we’re lucky, we’ll save the planet, so that our great grandkids will be able to relate to our fireside stories.

New rules for engagement:

  1. Mean what you say, say what you mean and do what you mean to do with care. Understand how powerful you are as an individual and the true impact of all your behavior.
  2. Care, attend to others. It’s not all about you. Share.
  3. Consciously take action, speak up, write down, clean up and build.
  4. Renew, recycle, replenish and flourish.
  5. Become resilient.

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