TerraBluTeams Practice #11

As the Founder of this non-profit and writer of this blog, I apologize for it being posted a day late. I was reminded again this week how much our lives are controlled by water.

My personal move this week took much longer than expected. Most folks move in one day. Mine took a week.  I’m in the midst of down-sizing my home, office and studio possessions into a more sustainable and manageable lifestyle. The sorting, packing, recycling, yard saling, donating, and repurposing took on Herculean proportions and energy. (No internet and losing my MACBOOK amongst the cartons didn’t help!)

Managing that was not nearly as stressful as the addition of a record breaking global climate change yo-yo we experienced in New England this week! A full day of rain, then a world’s record of 68 degrees Farenheit for the next, followed by 6 inches of snow, and then another day of 60 degrees.

Which brings me back to water.  My entire week was controlled by it. It delayed schedules, caused accidents, froze truck engines, among other inconveniences. 

I was silenced in the middle of these complaints as a visual crossed my mind of thousands of the earth’s inhabitants who have NO WATER. According to the World Water Council,  1.1 billion lack access to safe drinking water and 14-30,000 people die every day due to water related diseases. My complaints were replaced with blessings, gratitude and a renewed vow to understand more about this resource.


How do you, your condo association, apartment complex, your town, your workplace get water, manage its usage, treatment and collection? That’s what I’m going to find out in my town as I interview the Utilities and Watershed Directors for my cable show next week.

We observed our water practices last week, this week we are going to harvest rainwater and recycle grey water.

The HOW:

Purchase and install a rain barrel (attach it to your gutter via a PVC pipe like one of our followers did). For apartment dwellers, you may have to get together and think of creative ways to recycle your bottled water leftovers or divert your waste water into your deck or patio gardens.

The Deep Dive:

Modern Rainwater harvesting made beautiful here.

9 Simple Things you can do to prevent storm water pollution here.

More about grey water recycling here.

The World Water Council’s 2010-2012 Strategies here.

Gray water gardening here.

More rainwater harvesting systems here.

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