TerraBluTeams Practice #14

Spring came earlier to us this year in New England. Our “season creep” started with high record temperatures in early March with two minor freezes this week killing buds and leaves. The impact of a freeze is not good. For example, apples bloom before the leaves emerge, so should they bloom and get pollinated, a late freeze will destroy most of the crop for the year. There are no secondary buds for flowers.

The mild and early spring will cause other problems as well for those who suffer from allergies. And a short, mild winter does nothing to mitigate the tick population, so extra care should be taken.

Many of us were out during Solstice week tilling and planning our garden plots. I just moved too a new home where I can have my own garden and start a full composting project. So for this week let’s begin the beneficial practice of composting and turning green waste into a valuable resource for our planet!

The WHY:

• Reduces Organic Wastes from Entering Landfills

• Excellent Soil Conditioner

• Lowers Risk of Pollution

• Pathogen Destruction

• Bedding Substitute


Join me in beginning a composting practice for your home, office, school or living space.

The HOW:

Composting is often described as nature’s way of recycling and repurposing. It is the biological process of breaking up of organic waste such as food scraps, garden and yard waste and trimmings, paper, worms and coffee grounds, even pet waste, etc. into a humus-like substance by various micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes in the presence of oxygen.

Note: Your environment, how and what you choose to recycle will determine whether you choose vermicomposting, aerobic or anaerobic composting. Each type has their advantages and levels of maintenance, low or high. Choose one and begin!

The Deep Dive:

Apartment dwellers can compost as well with a Bokashi kit; check out options here.

Check out the comparison of different types of enclosed or rolling bins, compost tumblers or worm bins by Consumer Research, People Powered Machines or view comparison videos by Composting Guide.


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