TerraBluTeams Practice #20

This week is national Bike to Work Week, May 14-18. Bicycling is the 2nd most popular outdoor form of recreation, according to the Outdoor Foundation in 2011. According to the National Institute of Environmental Services, “The estimated health benefits of cycling were substantially larger than the risks relative to car driving for individuals shifting their mode of transport.”

We encourage you to disconnect from GHG emission, fossil fuel commuting vehicles and cruise around on your bike!  Enjoy nature and get your exercise too! This week, we encourage you to ride your bike for at least five times this week; it can be to work, to school, to run an errand or visit a friend.

Wherever you are headed this week, we challenge you to do it without a vehicle and take on the sustainable, healthy practice of riding a bike.

The WHY:

These are a few of this sustainable practice’s benefits:

More freedom to get around in difficult traffic situations

Reduce your carbon footprint and manufacturing imprint

Enjoy the fresh air

Reduce the impact on pavement and less toxic run-off

Reduce pollution

Get fit:

Improve cardio-vascular fitness

Lose weight (burn 600 calories an hour)

Reduce your chance of getting diabetes

Lower your blood pressure and build stamina

Build stronger bones and muscle tone

Reduces stress and improves well-being

Save money! Bikes are less expensive to maintain and operate!

Free parking and no parking tickets!

So, join your friends and neighbors in this great community event by hopping on your bike to get fit and have fun.


This week, your challenge is to join the nation in Bike to Work Week, May 14-May 18th. I

Note: Special thanks to all of the local businesses, family members, friends and service providers who supported us in the 1st “Getting to Zero” Fundraiser! 

The Deep Dive:

Find out more about National Bike Month here.

Join biking events at any of the following sites:





Safety in numbers: more walkers and cyclists, safer bicycling and walking

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