TerraBluTeams Practice #21

This Wednesday, May 22nd I will observe International Biological Diversity Day. I live on the Coast, the North Shore of Massachusetts, and this year’s theme is Marine Biodiversity. You’ve seen it scuba diving in the islands near the coral reefs.

We all know that human activities are directly responsible for climate change, the impoverishment of many cultural and natural communities, the extinction of biological species, and the reduction in ecosystem services.

It seems to me that if more folks understood that diversity and inclusion ensure a more sustainable world, the dial would reach the “Tipping Point” much faster. We’ll elaborate on this in greater depth in a future weekly practice.

Back to the problems in the marine world; overfishing, excessive fossil fuel recreational vehicle use, pollution, waste management issues, destruction of watersheds (due to loss of water covers, damns, excessive draining), etc.

In our neck of the woods, the Parker and Ipswich Rivers, have worked decades to promote the conservation of our watersheds and natural resources through education and consistent legal due diligence.

Let’s restore biodiversity genetically, culturally and horticulturally. The Ethnosphere and the Biosphere are losing cultures,  seeds and species daily. Lets reverse the trends and practice terranthrophy; become biodiversity warriors and activists!


Become your own biodiversity warrior or biological diversity activist. Reduce the emissions, pollution, and destruction of our marine world. This week, observe, support or engage your fellow humans in a conversation about the importance of restoring biological diversity.

The HOW:

  1. Support your local watershed or river refuge.
    1. Become an Ipswich River Watershed Association member and take a free canoe trip down the river (IRWA)
    2. Obtain an annual pass to visit the over 300 species on Plum Island, (PRNWR, brochure)
    3. Find your local watershed here.
  2. Volunteer to co-found or head a diversity/inclusion (Yes, we are part of biological diversity) initiative at your workplace, industry focus group, and professional organization or trade council.  See Notes: below.
  3. Show up at a local or national rally such as the one held in Wash DC on May 15th “A Million Messages:Say NO to Artic Drilling”
  4. Start a biodiversity garden.
  5. Volunteer to engage in a biological diversity initiative at your child’s school, your university or other academic institution.


As Co-Founder of the Women’s Initiative of our local Technology Council, I am passionately involved engaging the corporate executive world in the New England corridor to understand how diversity and inclusivity are essential to becoming a sustainable organization.

(You can register to attend the North Shore Technology Council’s June 27th Breakfast Panel here. “Your ticket to a more sustainable organization: How gender equity, inclusivity and diversity increase your productivity, increase top talent recruitment, community relations and profit margins.”)

I am also a Parker River Refuge Pass Holder, involved with IRWA and a Crane’s Beach Sticker owner.

Please help us and visit our donations page — obtain a gift certificate to a local retreat, restaurant, or service provider!

The Deep Dive:

Convention on Biological Diversity

History of International Biological Diversity Day

Center for Biological Diversity

Local action for Biodiversity, List of Cities Involved

Cary Fowler’s Excellent TED talk on protecting the Future of Food Biodiversity

Wade Davis’ TED talk on Endangered Cultures

You tube video on Biological diversity and conservation (for the kids)

Global Ocean Biodiversity Events for 2012

An approach to biodiversity gardening

Diversity Management: Measuring ROI

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