TerraBluTeams Practice #24

When I was two years old my mother gave me a colorful shiny pinwheel whose movement would captivate me for hours at the beach. That’s my first “energy” memory. Years later I understood that the invisible force behind its movement was the wind; an energy that could be harnessed.

Our society has made energy invisible. Most of us don’t visually see the gas we put into our automobile tanks, our released GHG emissions; and once home, we don’t see the electricity when we flip the switch turning on our lights, smart devices, and heat. And arguably, three decades ago, climate change and energy use were invisible to most of us.

Not any more. Today, energy use and climate change are two of the most important challenges confronting humanity.

The WHY:

Global energy use and the climate conversation are about choices, both individually and collectively. All of us are involved in that choice. And yes, each of our choices, collectively, will have enormous effects.

When we can make choices in an informed manner we can change the future to a more sustainable world for our children for generations to come.

The WHAT and HOW:

Increase awareness by celebrating Global Wind Day, (June 15th) and Energy Week in Boston, see you there!

Energy Week Boston kicks off this morning with participating groups raising awareness with events planned for the entire week that range from tours of the Deer Island Treatment Plant, the I.B.E.W Local 103 Wind Turbine, the sustainable JPGreenhouse, or lobbying your elected officials.

The Deep Dive:

Global Wind Day, June 15

Latest Global Wind Statistics (2011)

Space Based Solar Power, 19 minute video

Freeing Energy from the Grid, 12 Minute TED talk

Kites Tap Wind Energy, 6 minute TED talk

Space Based Solar Power, 19 minute video

DIY site for making Pinwheels

6 Minute video about wind farms

Singapore Internal Energy Week, Summit October 22, 2012

NPR review of Windfall, the movie

Space Based Solar Power, 19 minute video

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