TerraBluTeam Practice #33

The WHAT and WHY:

Two weeks ago I asked you to send me your TOP TEN  sustainability practitioners and here is the list we’ve compiled from your responses.

Your practice for this week is to “adopt”* one of them.

* adopt: Take up or start to use or follow (an idea, method, or course of action).

The HOW:

We suggest the following TOP FIVE ways to learn more about them and/or support their sustainable efforts:

  1. Follow them on a digital landscape where you can engage them by commenting, sharing or asking questions (Twitter, FB, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)
  2. Write them a letter or email of thanks or support for their sustainable efforts.
  3. Write a blog, news article or paper on your favorite practitioner.
  4. Find a way to meet them** at a speaking engagement, book signing, meet-up or twitter-up group.
  5. Once you have adopted them, plan a course of action to support their efforts in your own family, community or workplace.

**If still living.

The TOP TEN Sustainability Practitioners (local and/or global as compiled from my followers and in random order):

  1. Umesh  Bhuju, owner of the Ipswich coffeehouse/café/community hub, Zumi’s. For being a great sustainability practitioner in his workplace, family and community, see him profiled here.
  2. Donella Meadows, American environmental scientist, sustainable author, systems thinker, writer, founder of the Sustainability Institute, and Cobb Hill.
  3. Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins for founding the Rocky Mountain Institute and promoting sustainable development.
  4. Bill McKibben for founding 350.org, and authoring over a dozen books on climate change, sustainability and the environment.
  5. Al Gore , Nobel Laureate, former Vice President, for bringing the issues of global warming to the mainstream in An Inconvenient Truth and founding the Climate Reality Project.
  6. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama , Tenzin, Gyatso, for his teachings of non-violence “Be the Change”.
  7. E.F. Schumaker, green economist who rewrote the rules by questioning whether the objectives of western economics were desirable in Small is Beautiful.
  8. Richard Branson for starting and co-founding Earth Challenge, Virgin Unite, Flick Off, Ocean Elders, the Gigaton Awards, and the Carbon War Room, to mention a few.
  9. Mike Lin and Brian Warshawsky for world’s new inexpensive ReadySet Solar Kit charger for iPhone, iPad, and much more.
  10. Rachel Carson, writer, ecologist, for writing Silent Spring and starting the environmental movement in the 1960’s.

The Deep Dive:

Top 100 Green Campaigners of All Time

And this is fun for everyone…Thoughts on my Bike (Sustainable) 4 min. You Tube video – amazing, fun artsy poem by Andrea Dorfman

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