TerraBluTeams Practice #36

The WHAT, WHY and HOW:

This holiday weekend I was grateful for my sustainable organic garden’s bountiful harvest. Working within the system of nature provided me with fresh vegan meals and flower bouquets daily. The first two days of this Labor Day holiday vacation I have enjoyed filling and freezing homemade ravioli and canning a wall of fruits and vegetables* with the help of my daughter. I was reminded how substantial the rewards of an annual organic garden and a sustainable lifestyle can be. Although today I think I need a day of rest, to watch movies and relax. Which reminds me of one other summer holiday vacation.

Six years ago, I began my journey towards a net zero lifestyle. Knowing I was heading for years of intense self-examination, education and research, I spent a month’s vacation at a glorious Yoga retreat in a beautiful mountain range with clear lakes, wild flowers, streams and charming small villages. Exercise, nature hikes, swimming and yoga 10 hours a day was so relaxing. I convinced the Director to allow me to skip out on an evening session to view what I referred to as “a documentary imperative to global awareness”. His mouth dropped open, he had no idea what I was talking about.

I couldn’t wait to open the promo DVD in recycled cardboard of the first carbon neutral film produced with Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental activist, Al Gore, in An Inconvenient Truth. As the film progressed I wept; I haven’t done that since my childhood when I cried at movies like The Bridge on the River Kwai, the Ten Commandments, and Gone with the Wind. The emotions expressed that day in 2006 inspired my own personal and sustainable Tipping Point

And that brings me to this week’s practice: relax with an entertaining and thought provoking sustainable environmental movie from the list in the Deep Dive below.

* Such diverse concoctions as Hot Dill Spears, Regular Dill Rounds, Blackberry and Raspberry Framboise, Belle’s Tomato Sauce, Plum/Cherry/Beefsteak Tomatoes, Chutney’s, Bluberry Basil Vinegar and varieties of ravioli’s (zucchini, 3 mushroom and basil pesto).

Note: Please send us your “Sustainable Bucket List” for a blog entry in September to taospirit@mac.com.

The Deep Dive:

Climate Change Films

Films about Alternative Energy

Films about Energy


The Day After Tomorrow


Children of Dune

Erin Brockovich

Fast Food Nation

Food Inc.

Kilowatt Ours

The Happening

Happy Feet 1

Happy Feet 2


Mad Max

Mad Max 2: Road Warrior

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

On the Beach

Planet Earth

The Postman

Planet of the Apes

I am Legend

Silent Running

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The Island President

The 11th Hour

The Cove

Soylent Green

The Story of Stuff, great film for children’s 1st introduction to sustainability

The Story of Stuff website where you will find the Story of Water, the Story of Change, and the Story of Broke


The China Syndrome



Whale Rider

Winged Migration


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