TerraBluTeam Practice #41

The WHAT and WHY:

Last Halloween we suggested you look into energy vampirism. Did you know your smart devices can waste considerable energy in standby power? Last week we celebrated World Animal Day, JunkMail Awareness Day and World Vegetarian Day.

This week let’s practice a sustainable Halloween.

The HOW:

  1. Repurpose old sheets, shirts, pants and other items for costumes. Hold a costume swap or make a DIY costume, perhaps a trash costume or come as Mother Nature; find out how here.
  2. Consider handing out Angell’s organic candies, The Natural Candy Store, OrganicCandy.com, YoDrops (crunchable yogurt, always a hit!), or Yummy Earth. Or find other healthy alternatives here.
  3. Try cosmetics for the kids that are non-toxic such as Terra Firma and use tinted beeswax balm for color or non-toxic fingernail polish.
  4. Try the ghoulish Kaspa lamps for decoration.
  5. Serve your party feast on verterra dinnerware.
  6. Donate your costumes on Nov. 1, practicing the 4 R’s.

Note: TerraBluTeams.org is a non-profit organization and does not receive any funds from the product links we suggest.


The Deep Dive:

All links are above.


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