TerraBluTeam Practice #43

The WHAT and WHY and HOW:

This week’s practice is a question for you; please send your reply. What are the TOP FIVE roadblocks standing in your way of living a more sustainable lifestyle?

It’s hard to balance passion and profit but its an imperative for humanity’s and the planet’s survival. So to move the ball forward, I would like to ask you what stands in your way of making smart choices and taking action towards economic, social, cultural and environmental responsibility?

Not enough time, money, or commitment? Exhaustion? Too complex to know the smart choices? We want you to tell us.

Deep Dive

Behavioral modernity

The Mystery of 2012

The Translucent Revolution

The Singularity is Near

Timewave Zero

4 thoughts on “TerraBluTeam Practice #43

  1. From NYC :Breaking old habits.

    Convincing those in my family of its importance.

    Living in the city – access to composting.

    I wonder how much of what we recycle actually ends up being recycled.

    Trash, recycling bottles, cans, paper, cardboard in my building.

    • Composting can be done on the rooftop of your building, near your cooperative organic raised garden, rain collector (to water the garden) and beekeeping boxes (to pollinate). Their are many urban beekeepers (over 500 registered in NYC alone), urban rooftop organic gardeners (over 5,000 in NYC); many with rainwater collection and composting. I have often looked to them on the web for advice, rooftop garden design and beekeeping tips.

      As to recycling, I am down to less than one cubic foot per week. I would suggest you get a tour of the organization responsible for recycling your waste. You might consider contacting Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, (noimpactproject.org) He’s a great resource for NYC.

      Climate change and its effects are globally recognized by all, not just the scientists. Changing human behavior can be less difficult when it has a component of fun and ease of execution accompanying habit change. I lead by example. My health, my cost savings and my joy of making smart consumption choices is that there will be a planet with resources left for my children and their children.

      Let me know if you meet Colin, would love to hear all about it! And get back to us on your visit to your recycler!

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    • I admire your ambition to become a sustainable practitioner. The greatest hurdle for me was making the shift in all my choices based on their cultural, social, economic and environmental impact. It cannot be done overnight. You take steps and make better sustainable choices as your time, passion, and skills allow. It takes a lot of work to find a better product or better way of practicing sustainability.

      Over three decades I have become an adept at bartering. I have bartered my cast-offs, my artwork, my financial services, my babysitting, my teaching for items from $2.00 to a year’s rent ($18,000)!

      You can live the American dream. It’s all about your choices, your engaging spirit and connecting with others.Keep at it, Beth, you are doing better than you think!

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