TerraBluTeam Practice#45

Tiny House, Day 2

Mea culpa! I am a day late posting my sustainable blog because I was busy measuring and cutting roof trusses at a 3-day “tiny house workshop”.

The insulated vapor impenetrable base we completed the night before on the one axle trailer has its 3 framed walls ready for closure. We are re-using a trailer; some recycled building products, windows from the side of the road and siding.

Me and my new TH friend, Max, in front of the Gypsy Junker

One of Deek’s early “Relaxshacks” called the Gypsy Junker (7 minute Youtube video), is all of 24 square feet! I slept in it for 2 nights, without using the heater, just to see if I could do it. Outside, 32°F, inside, 40°F. Glad I brought my Mummy Sleeping Bag and my crystal heat paks!

My bedside view inside the Gypsy Junker, named for all its recycled, found parts.

On August19th I posted the TerraBluTeams Practice #34 which detailed my experience researching tiny sustainable homes. Building one on two axles is an item on my bucket list. Now I know how to construct it and make it a carbon neutral environment. I’ll let you know when it’s done!

Now if I could just find a Honda Element gas to cooking oil conversion workshop I could attend, I would have a net-zero tiny house hauler! Tell me if you know of one!

I’ve renovated my mountain homes, made them energy efficient; built out my commercial studios in mill buildings and yet, I’ve never had as much fun as I did with these creative “off the grid”, eco-warriors. We all came from different backgrounds, different states, and levels of experience, ages and cultures. Tiny house advocates and the subculture that surrounds them make some pretty interesting campfire workshop parties! Our second evening campfire we were serenaded by banjoes, bongos, guitars, and the voices of passionate, driven, creative, artistic tiny house builders! And a visiting tiny house bicyclist came by with a 350.org poster as his roof treatment!

Camp fire with local growlers, homemade ginger/lemon spirits, organic pickles, wine and eco-warrior stories.

Thanks Deek for a great workshop and the opportunity to find a new group of sustainable friends! Thanks to Dustin, Stephen, the Comet and Caravan builders!

After Sandy ravaged our shores this week, I was once again reminded of how powerful nature is, how vulnerable we are and humanity’s denial of our impact on climate change and environmental resources. Connect the dots. Get out and vote, let your voice be heard.

This week’s practice is to vote for the most sustainable American president we can.

Please send us your comments and feedback!

You know why and how.

The Deep Dive:

http://www.thane.com/red-fusion/ The reusable Nikken Crystal Heat sodium acetate 6”x8” packs that kept me warm in the Gypsy Junker were 14 years old. They do not sell them anymore. However, these look great, I just ordered some.

Tiny House Summer Camp of Deek’s that I took this weekend in Stoughton, Ma.

The New York Times article about Deek

http://tinyhouselistings.com Stephen’s website (also one of my new TH friends)

Why hasn’t the tiny house movement become a big thing?

Loftcube, the home you can take with you and move almost anywhere

The Micro-Compact home

Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

The “Weehouses” from Alchemy Architects

The Minihome from Sustain Design Studio

The tiny house movement is being captured into this movie

House 227 – 34 minute you tube video documentary

The Not So Big House book is credited with starting the tiny house movement in 1997

We the Tiny House People, the 1 hour 21 minute video on the growing underground movement

Tinyhomebuilders.com has great resources for those ready to take the plunge, check them out here.

NOTE: Wednesday, November 7th, 6:30PM at Zumi’s in Ipswich, MA., meet town leaders, environmental advocates and residents as we introduce the details of the Getting to Zero Project and the plans for the location of a net zero cultural/arts/sustainability center!

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