TerraBluTeam Practice #47

The WHAT and WHY:

As we approach this holiday time of year, many feel helpless and succumb to social and cultural pressures that influence our choices. Not at TerraBluTeams.

Last year, as we approached Black Friday, I suggested A Sustainable Holiday Weekend: A Buy Nothing Day, Shop Local Day and Make Something Day. In the graphic above you can recognize most all of the suggestions I made last year. This year I suggest a deeper dive.

This week’s practice is to Occupy Black Friday, in your own way, by standing up and taking back your power to influence the quadruple bottom line (Economic, Environmental, Social, Cultural).

THE HOW: (here are just a few suggestions to get the ball rolling)

  1. Say no to credit cards, buy with cash to avoid contributing to banker’s pockets and thus supporting their agendas.
  2. Boycott stores with striking workers and support picketers who favor fair labor practices.
  3. Buy local thereby decreasing GHG emissions, supporting your community and neighbors, for your own health and social connectivity.
  4. Take a deeper dive, with a friend who differs from your own cultural/spiritual holiday rituals, reaffirm your roots, extend an understanding to them AND take the opportunity to honor theirs.
  5. Give a “family gift certificate” to a family in need. Make a coupon book of services (babysitting, mowing the lawn, Sunday dinner, car wash, trip to a museum, etc.)

Please send us your comments and feedback!

The Deep Dive:

Huffington Post 11/15/12 article on Black Friday Strikers

Youtube video on Walmart strikes by labor journalist, Josh Eidelson (21 minutes) Interesting examination of Walmart’s labor “philosophy”.

Occupy Black Friday

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day/Occupy Xmas

Small Business Saturday

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