TerraBluTeam Practice #49


Throughout this year we have engaged the Ipswich and Boston North Shore Community at several intimate venue events to determine whether community residents were inspired by and would support our Getting to Zero Project.*

The answer was a resounding “YES”.

SO WHAT IS THIS PROJECT? Taking a community resource (an old building) and transforming it into a cultural, educational and environmental community center for zero carbon living and working.

The project will be documented by a videographer and archivist as we purchase, rehab/retro-fit an existing typical community building (house, mixed use residential/commercial w/land, old town hall) to be a zero carbon environment with a rooftop organic garden, a unit for reasonable priced short-term rentals (like an airbnb), a unit for a caretaker and rooms for classes to educate the community on sustainable living or for other community use (theatre performances, movies, art gallery showings, etc.) and possibly a small tapas/wine bar with local organic food, wine and fish.

The practice for this week is to help us by donating OR spreading the word OR giving us your feedback, positive or negative about the project. THANKYOU!


Environmental and Economic Impact:

There are many old and historic buildings in this country. Most of these older New England structures have inefficient or wasteful energy use. The Getting to Zero Project will model zero carbon living and working for other communities to emulate.

The project we will be employing mostly local carpenters, electricians, engineers, architects, sustainability experts, students, interns, volunteers will help the local economy and revitalize the area.

There will be an airbnb unit for anyone to rent for a few days to see what zero carbon living is like and learn how it was achieved.

The building will be green; LEED and other organic and green certifications will be sought. It will have rainwater collection and grey water systems, solar design, super insulation, recycled materials, triple glazed windows, a heat-transfer ventilation system, and an air-to-water heat pump that will maintain a 63 degrees F temperature throughout the building year round.

Social and Cultural Impact:

We will be educating the youth, residents and other community members about zero carbon living. There will be classes with visiting sustainability specialists about how to live a sustainable lifestyle and sustainability for small business.

There will be space for theatrical and artistic performances, a managed art gallery, and interactive exhibits on how the project was completed.

We will have paid residencies for local artisans and environmental artists.

The general public will have opportunities to use the Center for workshops and gatherings. Fun for all ages!

In partnership with Ipswich Community Access Media, we will continue executive producing sustainable education programs (done 6 already) about sustainable living and working.

THE HOW and what we need:

Here is your chance to help us:

  1. Donate to our IndieGoGo campaign:  http://www.indiegogo.com/gettingtozeroproject
  2. Volunteering for the project, contact us at: terrabluteams@mail.com
  3. If you cannot donate, help us get the word out to those who can via FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your email network.
  4. If you know donors willing to give their services, real estate or green products, please contact our founder at vera@blucirclezeroplus.com.

We will give shout outs on Twitter or FaceBook to all donors! We need your feedback and comments!

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