TerraBluTeam Practice #50

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 10.19.27 AM

                                     The Tanneboing Sustainable Christmas Tree


Last year my blog entry about a “TerraBlu Christmas” reflected on the coming holiday and its consumptive waste stream nature. In it I suggested some sustainable products and practices you and your family could integrate into your lifestyles.

This year, I wanted to reinvent the holiday, yet again. I’ve tried to raise sustainable consciousness with decades of experiments on my family and friends. I subjected them to all kinds of practicing the six R’s of sustainability (Rethink, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Reduce and Repurpose). Giving charitable gifts in the name of the person I’m gifting, wrapping my gifts in reusable textile wrappings I made from recycled fabrics, gifting green consumer goods, green services gift certificates, repurposed furniture (with eco-friendly paint), gift certificates to nature preserves, watersheds or land trusts, etc. Well you get the idea.

This year I’m giving myself. By that I mean, the bounty of an organic garden that my daughter and I lovingly nurtured and gifts certificates of various skills and experiences.

My daughter and I had an amazing and sometimes hilarious experience canning and preserving our much loved garlic dill pickles, our Asian Eggplant Camponata and many varieties of tomatoes. We had so many lovely herbs that we experimented this year with infused vinegars, oils, several chutneys and of course, our blackberry framboise.

Those experiences of gardening, laughing, canning and cooking trump the increasing addiction of “digital relation shipping”. Have all visitors put their devices on your digital hat rack before entering!

I think many have forgotten that giving our love and time are the most valuable gifts of all.

This week I want you to think about reinventing your holiday experience by incorporating a sustainable practice of your own. Be creative and make a sustainable statement to the world. Like NIKE, just do it. Don’t wait to make a New Year’s resolution about it, just do it. And make it fun, please!

Send us your ideas and how they worked in the comments section. Make Merry!

The Deep Dive:

Imagining a Sustainable Christmas Futureby Tom Bristow, 12/3/12

A modern sustainable Christmas tree, the Tannenboing Only 100 are made per year. You could DIY this yourself, I bet from a number of recycled and repurposed materials!

TechChrunch’s article today on Digital Hat Racks

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