TerraBluTeam Practice #51

12.3.12 Alignment over Giza


This week while many global residents are celebrating holidays, I learned that between 12-18% of the population of China, Japan, Guatemala, Mexico and other countries believe in a “doomsday” and have done what they can over the last five years to prepare for the “Mayan end of days”. The past years have seen increased sales in underground bunkers, survival pods, survivalist supplies and classes.

The Mayan Civilization was obsessed with time, among other things, and are very particular about it. They have a precisely marked long calendar, which could and has predicted solar eclipses thousands of years in the future.

This Mayan calendar ends on one particular day, which is December 21st 2012, the end of the 13th baktun. Some say that there will be earthquakes shattering the world, tsunami waves that will devour the coastal areas and huge balls of fire would come racing towards earth. Others believe a mysterious planet, Nibiru, will come out from behind the sun, at the last minute, to end humanity’s existence.

2012 was a great action/adventure movie in my favorite genre, sci-fi. While sipping homemade chai/turmeric tea this morning, I meditated for hours over the state of our world. In light of recent events this week and in reviewing the last year, we have endured a lot of crises: constant and unusual changes in climatic conditions due to Global warming, extreme weather, unprecedented depletion of our natural resources, unexplained underground vibrations, unexplained large groups of animals found dead, governmental and systemic degradation, incomprehensible violence on humankind, to mention a few.

I thought, just how far away are we from an apocalypse?

Did you know that CERN, the home of the world’s largest particle accelerator, will be performing dark matter vibration experiments starting tomorrow through “doomsday?” (12/17/12-12/21/12). Along with the side effects of planetary alignment, we may just have “a whole lotta shakin’ going on” or “great balls of fire”! (Sorry, just couldn’t resist the Jerry Lee Lewis reference)

After all our recent storms, hurricanes, floods, etc., all families should have completed or have experience with “disaster preparedness”.

This week’s sustainable practice is another kind of preparation you might consider, an inward meditation, whatever your spirituality, as a global entity, a reflection on and movement towards a higher consciousness. And why? Because your passion, soul and spirit are just as necessary for your sustainability toolbox as a survival knife, magnesium lighter and a reusable water bottle!

Let us breathe together and practice the art of going within as one global entity on this day to herald a new awakening on December 21, 2012 between 5-6PM IST (5:30-6:30AM EST). Join 10 million people globally at the end of Mayan Calendar and a new beginning for all those magnificent beings who are on the path of spiritual and sustainable mastery.

The Deep Dive:

The Awakening of the Critical Mass, the meditation times for several global cities for 12/21/12 Global meditation

Mayan Priest video (32 minutes) explaining the proton particle anti-matter experiment scheduled at CERN for 12/17/12-12/21/12 and its impact.

CERN: the Mayan Doppelganger

NASA’s video released early entitled “Why the world didn’t end”

2012 Phenomenon

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