TerraBluTeam Practice #52

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The WHAT, WHY AND HOW of A TerraBlu New Years Eve!

In the spirit of ushering in the new Mayan BakTun, planning your “sustainapocalypse” party can be eco-fun and eco funny. The Ancient Greek origin of the word “apocalypse” meant “the uncovering or disclosure of knowledge, hidden by humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception”. Will 2013 be the year we reach the “tipping point” of sustainable consciousness and implementation?

Send out your party evites with biking and public transportation tips. Encourage them to eco-dress for your party fashion show; best sustainable costume wins a “sustainable gift” (carbon offset gift certificates or the Biolite cooking stove?).

If you have a deck or porch, consider cooking one of your food items in a solar oven or the Grover stove. Start with serving one or several eco-cocktails under your eco-sky lanterns; spice it up by testing your friends eco-gaming abilities before you serve a sustainable menu on your eco-dinnerware.

Have your composting and recycling bins clearly labeled and placed.

Before the round robin “resolution” discussion begins, did you know only 8% of people are successful at keeping their New Year’s resolutions of the 45% who make them? This can be quite entertaining!!

This week’s sustainable practice is for you to come up with your Top Five Sustainable goals for 2013 and tell us by commenting below.

Our Top Five Sustainable Practices we recommend for 2013:

1. Eat less meat, get Vegucated. Buy local food and libation, eat fresh local, and grow local.

2. Make your home energy efficient, compost, collect rainwater and make a toxic-free household.

3. Take the 5 R’s (Reduce, recycle, reuse, repurpose, reduce) to the next level. Buy less, buy less packaged goods, write your favorite manufacturers with your environmental suggestions.

4. Reconnect with nature, walk, bike and engage your community. Become an environmental/sustainability advocate as a member of an energy/sustainability group, a local land trust, your local watershed, or ocean conservancy. 

5. Love, laugh, celebrate, dance, and honor life and nature around you, feeding your spirit and those living near you.

What are your sustainable resolutions for 2013? Tell us now in comments below!

* We are a non-profit corporation whose ethical practices do NOT receive income from any of the products or services we recommend.

The Deep Dive:

Eco-games for children from Green Planet Parties

Eco-Gamers.org, eco-games for adults, on agriculture, engineering, conservation, energy, eco-systems and design

Eco-friendly sky wish lanterns

Our friend’s documentary about the 6 week challenge for three NYC carnivores becoming  Vegucated

List of environmental, sustainability, energy and advocacy groups

A TerraBlu New Year’s Eve, 2011

1 thought on “TerraBluTeam Practice #52

  1. All of the above! As well as donating more time and money to charitable causes. I think this blog will come in handy as I have challenged myself to live a more ethical life 2013 and onwards. Looking forward to being inspired.

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