What is a sustainable lifestyle?

What is a sustainable lifestyle?We are going to find out, right here, at the TerraBluTeams Blog for 2013:

Happy New Year ! TerraBluTeams has completed its 52 weeks of sustainable practices posts to help our followers to become better practitioners and shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.

In 2013, we will bring you biweekly interviews with real people who are living those lifestyles. Some posts will have brief videos with sustainability professionals, practitioners, families and individuals about the challenges, rewards, humor and experiments in the pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle.

They will inspire, motivate and encourage us to add skills to our sustainable toolbox.  Together we can mitigate our carbon footprint so that our children, our families and their children will have a sustainable planet to enjoy throughout their lifetimes.

We will also bring you short blogs on sustainability issues and events of interest. Encourage your friends and family to subscribe so we can connect. Tune in on the 27th!

If you would like to suggest a “sustainable lifestyler” near you that would like to be interviewed, contact our Founder

And if you would like to drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!


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