Sustainable Valentines

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Sustainable Valentines (Week #4)

The Why:

Did you know that Valentine’s Day produces some 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from field to U.S. florist. In addition, globally we send a billion cards, 36 million boxes of candy packaging along with the 100 million roses.

A net-zero holiday footprint that loves the planet, the people and its creatures would be an empowering alternative.

The What:

Forget the usual, do something unique.

The How:

1. If you must do a card, consider a digital one or recycle a photograph, magazine picture, or old music sheet paper. Or bake an edible heart shaped dessert. Perhaps sew a functional clutch bag, with heart on or in it from recycled fabric.

2. If you have kids, how about using recycled paper to make all those classroom valentine’s. Have them write something nice on them such as what they like about the person.

3. If you want to do flowers, find a tree, a bonsai or flower seedling for them to plant and between its leaves place little folded notes saying what you appreciate about the them. It will become a living legend of your love.

4. Purchase some beeswax candles (less GHG emissions), DIY a body scrub and run a bath for your beloved. And appreciate the consequences, tee hee.

5. Instead of buying perfume, DIY an essential oil to enhance your partner’s pheromones or make one of 21 essential oil gifts.

6. If you are looking for a gift, purchase something vintage. Jewelry, retro clothing, art, something that is connected to your partner historically or by desire. Try one of these from the inhabitant’s list.

7. If you are thinking a restaurant or dinner, how about an organic alternative? Try one of these recipes.

8. Chocolate, you say? Try these gifts or make your own truffles.

9. You want to go all out? Send them an evite card to join you at an eco-friendly vacation spot.

The Deep Dive:

A few sustainable Valentine’s Day card ideas here.

Give one of these 11 green valentine gifts.

If this is your first time here, learn more about the 52 week, 2015 TerraBluTeam challenge and exercise structure here.

Please fell free to comment and let us know how you are doing or if you find any tips and tricks we should know about! Virtual engagement policy here.

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