Sustainably Cool

Sustainably Cool (Week #28)

The WHAT and WHY:

Last week we gave tips and tricks for staying sustainably cool. This week we promised to define the other “sustainably cool”. Will the graphic above from Wikipedia soon include a blue section of innovative sustainability “cool cats”?

The origins of the “state of being cool”, as defined by Wikipedia sources, were amongst slaves, rebels, prisoners and dissidents that manifested a cool, detached reaction to authority. I prefer the aesthetic definition of social control, transcendental balance, well being, and a state of harmony.

After all, isn’t that what real sustainability “cool” is all about? A state of harmony ecologically, socially, culturally, economically and ethically?

So this week’s practice is to help us create the “Top Ten Sustainably Cool People” list and send the list to (Put TOP TEN in subject area). Please include your contact info so we may credit your choices, thanks. We will post it in the blog and sustainability article soon. For inspiration check out

The HOW:

Start locally. List your community’s “sustainable cool” folks with links to their stories. Branch out your search to include sustainable friend’s, your business or community leader’s, alumni, and digital buddies. Let’s learn about those sustainable innovators, thinkers and practitioners you have engaged on your sustainable journey.

Here’s my TOP TEN List of Sustainability Luminaries: 

Al Gore

Bill McKibben

Rachel Carson

Robert Redford

Annie Leonard

Elon Musk

Robert Redford

Paul Newman

Christina Figueros

Wangari Maathai

The Deep Dive:

The humorous way to make a Top Ten list

TED talk about engagement (20 minutes) from Presidio alum, Simran Sethi

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