The 1st International Tiny House Jamboree

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The 1st International Tiny House Jamboree (Week #30)

On August 7th-9th the first International Tiny House Jamboree will take place in Colorado Springs, August 7-9, 2015. Over 50 states and 10+ countries will be represented by attendees.

Our founder, Vera Struck, just completed her 3 year project, the Silver Bullet Tiny House. Her biomimetically designed net zero tiny house on wheels has been an education module for her sustainable lifestyle design workshops for the last year.

She will be speaking at 3PM on Sunday, August 9th. If you are in the area or are already registered, make sure you get a chance to hear her compelling story of her five year personal tiny house journey.

You can view Derek Diedricksen’s tour of the Silver Bullet here.

You can read Vera’s book, “Living the Sustainable Tiny Life”, purchase online this week, link coming soon.

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