Your Sustainability Bucket List

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Your Sustainability Bucket List (Week #32)

The WHAT and WHY:

Probably everyone has written one since that movie, The Bucket List in 2007.

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As a sustainability consultant and educator I am constantly looking for creative ways to introduce sustainable concepts into our daily lives. I started my first sustainability bucket list in 2010. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to have fulfilled some of the original ten entries (those in bold I have completed).

And since I’m still around, I have added a few more over the last couple of years (#11-#15).

Why not make one of your own? After all, the sustainability imperative in a world of diminishing resources really is a moral imperative that requires our full attention so that our children and our children’s children will have a planet they can live with, in and on.

I challenge you to write your top ten sustainability bucket list for 2015. Send us a picture and we will post it on FB. The best list, according to our Board of Directors, will get you a free private tour of the Silver Bullet Tiny House! 

Send pictures and brief comments to : with your contact info.

1. To graduate from the Executive Program at Presidio in San Fransisco, the world’s 1st and leading Graduate School in Sustainable Management Executive Program (2011).

2. To write and produce 6 sustainable community programs for ICAM.

3. To write curriculum for and teach high school students about sustainable lifestyle design.

4. To meet the “parents” of the tiny house movement, Jay Shafer (2015), Andrew Odom (2015), Macy Miller, Dee Williams and Derek Deidricksen (2012).

5. To found a 501c3 sustainable education non-profit, TerraBluTeams, in my home state, Massachusetts (2011).

6. To design, build a zero waste, off-grid, renewable energy systems tiny house on wheels based on biomimicry that I can use as an education module for sustainable lifestyle design workshops (2012-2015).

7. Community outreach and speaking engagements about Sustainable lifestyle design and my personal tiny house journey (2013-2015).

8. Write a book “Living the Sustainable Tiny Life” to inspire and enable others to do the same (2015).

9. Begin a USA tour with the Silver Bullet Tiny House in late Fall, 2015.

10. Speaking engagement tour/workshops at 10 global eco-villages, tiny house communities.

11. Build an off-grid, zero-waste, “eco-pod” that can be placed in a tree, on a trailer, on a boat or foundation. Made from a bio-source that builds itself and can bio-degrade when it suits.

12. Have the opportunity to speak at several National Tiny House Conferences, Festivals or gatherings. Spoke at the Tiny House Jamboree on August 9th, 2015.

13. Develop a board game based on Monopoly, (I worked with Parker Brothers Family as a consultant for years) that raises funds for the homeless to have tiny houses as shelter. Announced at the National Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, August 9th, 2015, with the trade names, Tinyoply and/or Tinyunopoly.

14. Have an opportunity to speak before Congress or with the sitting American President to passionately express the importance of addressing two important issues: climate change and support for the tiny house movement as a moral sustainability imperative.

15. To be an effective force in supporting a US citizens right to live off-grid on their own property, in a sustainably, responsible manner without interference.


*** Note: Please send us your “Sustainable Bucket List” for our September blog entry (send to Check out one of our follower’s “sustainable bucket list” here.

Would love to hear about your sustainability bucket list. If you have one, please reply in the comments section and let me know your progress!

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