A Sustainable Labor Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.47.34 PMWhat is a Sustainable Labor Day (Week #35)

The WHAT and WHY:

Our founder’s ambitious Norwegian ancestor, Marcus Thrane, an author and journalist, founded and lead the first Norwegian labor union in 1848. In his honor, we are celebrating the economic and social contributions of workers this Labor Day sustainably by writing President Obama, Senator Warren, Senator Markey, Congressman Moulton, and Governor Baker a letter regarding the sustainability imperative and attaching the 2012 Rio+20 Declaration on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability and the 2008 Declaration of Independence: The Sustainability Edition (from my July 4th blog entry).

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.47.57 PMWhat better way to commemorate Labor Day sustainably than to celebrate culturally, socially, economically and environmentally with friends and family? Raise eco and sustainable awareness by engaging them in the process this holiday weekend.

The HOW:

  1. Plan a bike adventure and invite your friends. (No GHG emissions)
  2. Enjoy a park or visit a land trust for a Labor Day picnic. (Connect with the planet)
  3. Play Round Robin giving each participant the opportunity to contribute a few words about what this holiday means to them and their culture. (Engagement & inclusivity)
  4. Bring organic food, beer or wine to your Labor Day celebration. (Shop local organic foods, celebrate your local farmers, vintners and brewers, see links below)
  5. Use an organic sunscreen or insect repellent. (Keep toxins out of your body & the environment)
  6. Create your own stainable lifestyle.
  7. Draft your own sustainability bucket list. (This could be fun with friends!)***
  8. Adopt an unemployed or recently graduated sustainable consultant, green activist or sustainability manager. (Pay it forward by mentoring or employing a sustainability advocate. Help them get a client, a job or an academic contract)
  9. Write your congressperson, senator or global leader. (Attach one of the declaration’s above to remind them to consider our joint legacy by representing you and your future generations.)
  10. Enjoy the fruit of your labors on your special day.

The Deep Dive:

How to write a letter to Congress

How to write a letter to the President

How to contact the President

The Sustainability Project

Definition of Eco psychology

Why sip organic beer and wine?



10 organic spirits compared, with drink recipes

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