Fall Cleaning Susty Style

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Fall Cleaning Susty Style (Week #38)

The WHAT, WHY and HOW:

It’s not Sunday, November 1st, 2AM, 2015, yet, but if you’re a planner like me, twice a year the “Spring forward, fall back” represents a generationally revered semi-annual event, Fall Cleaning. Remember Spring Cleaning? As a child of the 50’s, I have memories of six Saturdays in a row devoted to landscaping, cleaning, organizing and collecting items for charity before the winter arrived. Now you can offer items you no longer use on EBAY or Craig’s List or recycle, up cycle, free cycle in one click (see links below) OR have a neighborhood yard sale.

For those of you who have already lived most of your lifetime, and especially for myself after recently moving into the 150 SF Silver Bullet Tiny House on wheels, you probably have more “stuff” than most families. You may have to spend a few months of Sundays at local flea markets like Todd Farm or Brimfield, to get the “Fall Cleaning” ball rolling.

This week you’ll have another opportunity to start another practice of the 6 R’s as we did in January, gathering items to re/up or free cycle as well as develop ideas from found objects for DIY holiday gifts, all at once!

While we are tidying up the attic, washing windows, raking autumn leaves, replacing smoke alarm and carbon monoxide batteries, air filters, dusting, cleaning, caulking, weather sealing, turning over the garden and other items on the “Fall Cleaning” list (from www.lilblueboo.com) we can be collecting items from our closets, bookshelves, attics and garages to become repurposed holiday gifts for others over the coming weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.52.13 PMMy parents used to spend many full weekends with all of us kids (6 people) from Friday evening through to Sunday night). As I am alone with a new tiny house, my chores are a lot easier!. So I’ll be helping my daughter with her 750 SF tiny home 4 hours each weekend until we cap all the activities off with the Fall Back day on November 1st.

All this fun and work results in future tax deductions for donating to others, extra cash, good karma, some fun and challenging DIY projects for the family. You save shopping time, and have a very clean house and garden for the holidays! With a great side benefit for you and your family of reducing your impact on the environment!

Think how nice it will be to go skiing, snowboarding or another activity on Saturdays in December, instead of fighting the crowds at the outlet mall.

Here are a few more great ideas:

Have a neighborhood yard sale and give all or a portion of the proceeds to a local community project or non-profit organization.

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Organize with 5 neighbors and friends some of the typical Fall chores, say your top five (prepping outdoor furniture, sweeping the garage, cleaning gutters, etc.) and arrange teams to do them at each of your houses over a few weeks.

•  Repurpose or Upcycle some of your “stuff” by making holiday gifts from items you found around the house, and perhaps engage your family members or friends to do the same. Giving baked goods or your canned organic garden treasures to friends is a great way to show them you care. Organize a cookie or canned good exchange party.

•  Shop local over the fall months at farmers markets, fabulous consignment and thrift stores as well as yard sales.  Most people won’t know the difference between something bought new from a store and something gently used – and many will appreciate the recycled thought.

•  Perform a RAK, Random Act of Kindness, find a neighbor or local person in need and personally help them with a job or two of their “Fall cleaning”.

Please send us your comments and feedback! Let me know your tips and tricks; especially if you try any of these!

The Deep Dive:

Best garage/yard sale tips

How to organize a neighborhood garage/yard/street sale

DST, Daylight Saving Time






The “mother” of all Fall Cleaning Lists.

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