About us

Our Mission: To inspire, educate, motivate and facilitate positive change in human behavior towards a sustainable lifestyle. Programs empower individuals ready for change with an engagement model to lead themselves, their families, communities and workplaces towards a sustainable world.

Terra Blu Teams Inc. is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides educational vehicles, and engagement frameworks for more sustainable practices in individual, family, community and workplace environments.

In our first year, 2012:

We exercised our resiliency muscles with an inspired 52 Week Sustainability Challenge: fun, educational, sustainable practices sent weekly to our followers.

In 2013:

We sponsored six cable shows featuring individual, community and corporate leaders and their best sustainable practices.  We developed and sponsored several pilot programs for secondary and college level students with a sustainable lifestyle education curriculum.

In 2014: Our Founder, designed and began construction of the Silver Bullet Tiny House on wheels as an educational exhibit for how to live the sustainable tiny life.

Rainscreen Workshop

In 2015:

We began a new 52 Week Sustainability Challenge, here. We completed the Silver Bullet Tiny House and were featured in several college Earth Day Festivals and the first Tiny House Jamboree.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.08.27 AM

In 2016:

We gave 9 workshops, facilitated 5 other tiny house leader’s workshops, spoke at 37 festivals, libraries, colleges and communities on a variety of tiny house community topics. We took the Silver Bullet Tiny House on a 7,500 mile USA tour to bring this zero-waste, off-grid, affordable tiny home to the American people. We will be taking the Silver Bullet Tiny House to the Florida Tiny House Festival at the Renogy Solar Ambassador. Come see us there!



“WHY” I founded TerraBluTeams:

Smart design and ethical purchasing power will help future generations become resilient in a world of diminishing resources.

We educate and inspire change in consumptive behaviors one sustainable act or practice at a time, and collectively, we have a huge impact on the world.

I started a non-profit model to authentically facilitate moving the dial towards having more sustainable lifestyles, families, communities and workplaces. From the ground up, not the top down.

We make it fun, socially engaging and easy to understand.

Founder’s Biography:

Vera Struck grew up in Minnesota, has been a lifelong sustainability and environmental advocate.  She is an entrepreneur, reclamation artist, business consultant, educator, speaker and sustainability strategist. She has been instrumental in creating, developing and turning around organizations and businesses, and leading the engagement of stakeholders towards a shared purpose. Significant accomplishments include her roles in the development of several Greenbelt’s and County Ecology Center’s, as well as her lead in the gentrification of Boston’s Innovation District, as business developer and investor. Her efforts led to the purchase of the 249 A Street Building, a pivotal event in the evolution of the Fort Point Arts Community, and won the 249 A Street Cooperative a Presidential Award of Excellence in 1983.

After a successful career as a serial entrepreneur, Vera semi-retired to build The Silver Bullet Tiny House/Classroom as a sustainable lifestyle educational module for her sustainable educations non-profit, terrabluteams.org. She also serves as a board member and advisor to other sustainable non-profit entities. She received the Magnolia Award as Charitable Visionary in Atlanta in 2004.

Ms. Struck is a recent EC graduate of the world’s first and leading Sustainable Management Graduate School, Presidio Graduate School of San Francisco, and holds degrees from Tufts University and the SMFA.

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