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“Living The Sustainable Tiny Life” envelops the reader into a world that is vastly changing in ways that are new and different, but also familiar to the reader. Her book takes on an almost therapeutic aura as she welcomes you into her thought processes, resources, successes, and failures over decades of social change. After reading The Sustainable Tiny Life I feel inspired to not only live a more simple and meaningful life, but also to do more for our planet as a consumer and advocate. This book is for anyone who is interested in leading a healthier life for themselves and for future generations.” —— Christina D. Mecca-McClory BSW Researcher and Life Coach

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Living the Sustainable Lifestyle Workbook is wonderful!!! One of the pieces that others often miss is that experiencing a truly successful tiny house experience requires more than simply moving into smaller square footage. A change in lifestyle and awareness is also necessary for the best results. Your workbook takes readers through various pertinent and important exercises that will best prepare them for an amazing new life. It’s obvious that you have learned a lot from your life experiences and making your own move to tiny, so you’re a great author to put this all together. The workbook would have been helpful for us when we got started on our own tiny house and downsizing journey!! “    ——Gabriella Morrison, Tiny House Build

PayPal 50% Off Checkout Discount Code: XMAS2


Sustainable Education You Can Provide

A workshop scholarship can be a game changer for an adult. Seven years ago, two workshops changed my life. I designed and built my own zero-waste solar tiny house on wheels and became a sustainable lifestyle leader that travelled over 17,000 miles across the country and inspired thousands of people and families to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 
Workshop scholarships boost self-confidence and self-reliance; build work experience and confidence; and lead to the acquisition of life-long sustainability practices, teamwork, responsibility and leadership.  Inspiring future sustainable lifestyle leaders is more than just a job.

At TerraBluTeams we take pride in providing 10 people scholarships each year since our inception in 2012 to learn how to design and build sustainable housing, and how to design a sustainable lifestyle.

TerraBluTeams Partner Scholarship Program is just one of the unique programs that connect people to remarkable social communities, while providing valuable skills that sustain them in New England. With your help, we are working to ensure that people have access to sustainable skills that benefit their environment, their wellness, their economy and their social habitat. Their skills, choices, accomplishments and stories will benefit present and future generations.

Your support matters.  I hope you will consider making a year-end donation today, see below. You can purchase a gift certificate online (donated by local restaurants), or an art class for a friend or child (donated by local artists), or you can make an online tax-deductible donation here 


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Vera Struck

Lots of local options for the Northern Massachusetts area. Your support means the world to us. Get something you would already spend money on so we can continue to inspire and edcate others about living a sustainable lifestyle!
Andrea Guay $150. Two hour private art studio lesson
Body by Fisher $50 towards massage
Brine $50
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Vera Struck $150. Two hour Sustainable Lifestyle Design Consult
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BiAnnual Fundraising Event for TerraBluTeams at the Silver Bullet Tiny House

November 4th, 2017, Saturday, 5-7 PM: TerraBluTeams BiAnnual Sustainability Lifestyle Education Fundraiser at the Silver Bullet Tiny House in Hamilton-Wenham, Massachusetts (Private address sent to ticket holders only)

Enjoy cocktails, farm to table bites and bid on auction items to fund and support sustainable lifestyle education at our 5th Anniversary Party at a private location off Route 97 in Hamilton-Wenham, Massachusetts. Get a private tour and speak with our founder, Vera Struck, Tiny House Designer/Builder/Dweller, author, reclamation artist and tiny house movement speaker.

Auction items include art, bicycle accessories, and generous gift certificates at local restaurants, shops, jewelry stores, etc.

Limited Attendance, so get your tickets now, $40.00 each, just register for tickets thru the PayPal button below: