Silver Bullet Tiny House Wins Award



We are proud to announce that our founder, Vera Struck, built her own tiny home on wheels with the intent to utilize it as a sustainable education classroom exhibit (by living example) of “Living the Sustainable Tiny Life”.

She has now traveled over 12,000 miles to inspire individuals, families and workers to adopt best sustainable practices. She has motivated and empowered thousands over the five year lifespan of the Silver Bullet Tiny House.


We are honored that she has won the best ‘Tiny Home’ award out of 90 tiny structures on wheels at the Florida Tiny House Festival this month. She was chosen as Renogy’s Solar Ambassador to the festival and is powered by Renogy. See more about her on their website here.

She purchased her 2nd generation solar solution for the 5 year old tiny home early this year and loves being powered solely by renewable energy. You can learn more about her clean energy choice here.

Our founder becomes Renogy Solar Ambassador to the Florida Tiny House Festival

sbthow2We are pleased to be Renogy‘s Solar Ambassador to the Florida Tiny House Festival November 18-20th at the St. Augustine Fairgrounds!


It is our pleasure to provide tours of the zero-waste, all clean solar powered Silver Bullet Tiny House. Take your shoes off, bring your sense of humor and meet Vera Struck, who designed and built a simple, off-grid, sustainable life style.


Her tiny house journey and build are available in her sustainable e-book, ‘Living the Sustainable Tiny Life’ (discount code is available to attendees).


She will be premiering her new e-book, ‘Living the Sustainable Tiny Life Handbook’, a ten-week process workbook to get you on the road to designing your own sustainable lifestyle!


Step inside the creative, non-toxic, healthy, all sustainable materials tiny house on wheels built by this sustainability dynamo. Her design, based on bio-mimicry, made a tiny home that breathes just like the rest of us.


You can find her speaker and workshop schedule at the festival here.


The Silver Bullet Tiny House is powered by a solar solution purchased from:



TerraBluTeams goes to the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree

Fall, 2015 - The picture that Andrew Morrison presented in Brazil

Fall, 2015 – The picture that Andrew Morrison presented in Brazil

Our founder, Vera Struck, has been on a cross country tour in the Silver Bullet Tiny House that she designed, built and dwells in. She gives sustainable lifestyle education workshops and tours of her home as an exhibit of net zero off-grid affordable housing.

Her story and journey are unique. She is in Colorado Springs right now  and will be running a sustainable lifestyle design workshop at the Tiny House Jamboree on Saturday, August 6th from 9:30-10:00AM at the workshop stage at the US Air Force Academy Jamboree grounds.

If you are attending, make sure you stop by at Vendor Booth #13 and talk tiny with her! Or make a tax deductible donation and receive a lovely thank  you gift, a t-shirt, one of her new books, or her new reclamation fashions. Learn all about her unique building envelope based on biomimicry; she has the only tiny house that “breathes like an animal”!


You can read her monthly tour dispatches:

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