Silver Bullet Tiny House

The Net Zero Silver Bullet project is complete. In 2016, we gave 9 workshops, facilitated 5 other tiny house leader’s workshops, spoke at 37 festivals, libraries, colleges and communities on a variety of tiny house community topics. We took the Silver Bullet Tiny House on a 7,500 mile USA tour to bring this zero-waste, off-grid, affordable tiny home to the American people.

It will be an example for low to moderate income families of a home they can affordably build themselves that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible. The Silver Bullet can be toured and will serve as an education module for alternative intentional living housing options, reclaimed and green construction materials and clean renewable technology.

You can check out our progress here and please support this non-profit venture and the upkeep of this website :

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Partial list of Sponsors:


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