TerraBluTeams Practice #12

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on December 22, 1992, declaring March 22 to be the World Day for Water each year.

The World Water Day in 2012 is intended to draw the international attention on the relationships between water & food security. “Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life” and water is one of the fundamental input factors to food production.

Did you know that an 0.5 liter Coca-Cola in a PET bottle produced in the Netherlands has a green water footprint of 15 liters, a blue water footprint of 1 liter and a grey water footprint of 12 liters. Your 1 pound steak requires 1,799 while 1 pound of chicken only requires 468 gallons.


Find your water footprint for your average 3 meals you consume in a day and try to find 3 meals that reduce that footprint by 50%. If you are very ambitious, do it for the whole week’s meals!

The HOW:

Calculate your water footprint here, if you have not already done so. Find out how much H2O is embedded in your everyday life here, and reduce by half!

You can download the virtual water app via itunes to manage your water consumption choices. See how it works here.

The Deep Dive:

The World Water Council here.

Find out how much H2O is embedded in everyday life here.

Calculate your water footprint here or here.

The 4th edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report. Marseille, France here.

The installation of ice sculptures in Helsinki’s Senate Square to bring attention to global water issues here.

Find out more about water scarcity and food security, climate change and water here.

3Minute educational youtube water consumption vimeo here.

Attend the World Water Week in Stockholm in August.

Getting Engaged

Written by Vera Struck

There is only one week to go before we start the 2012 TerraBluTeam challenge of 52 weeks of sustainability exercises for you, your family, community and workplace.


We invite you to subscribe yourself, your friends, colleagues, co-workers and family to the blog and begin your year of sustainability.


We invite you to become a contributing author and tell us your and your family’s stories of sustainable challenges, tips and tricks. Contributing author form here.


We invite you to view the promo for the TerraBluTeam community cable show “Getting Engaged” here.


We invite you to produce your own cable show with your community cable access program. You are welcome to follow our model of a 30 minute three segment show or come up with your own unique concept. For info email vera@blucirclezeroplus.com.

A TerraBlu Christmas

Written by Vera Struck

I loved Christmas time. I grew up in the Midwest where my memories of it could rival a Norman Rockwell painting! The entire family would gather to create decorations, address hundreds of cards, bake cookies, bottle flavored vinegars, make wine and handmade gifts.

The holidays are definitely a time for consumption. And yet, I see it as an opportunity to become more thoughtful and take another step towards a sustainable future.

Although I celebrate many different holidays this time of year now; here are a few things I’ve done that you might take some pleasure in trying with your family.

Decorating the home:

• Make a nature garland – Take a 6-10 foot length of used ribbons or raffia and gather pine branches, pine cones, used Christmas cards, berry branches, cinnamon sticks, family photographs, vintage toys or wooden ornaments, bay leaves or mixed nuts (in their shell)

• Rent a living Christmas tree and have your local park replant it or recycle here

• Reuse or have an ornament exchange party with friends as a way to gain new ornaments

• Consider eating fewer high energy protein foods and try a meal of local or your own garden’s produce with a more sustainable dinner plate

• Try an alternative log for the fire


• Try to reduce your GHG emissions and resource usage by taking the opportunity to increase your health by walking, taking the transit system or carpooling in the hybrid

Giving gifts:

• Each year add a few handmade gifts or repurposed gifts, all natural battery free toys or the gift of sustainability

• Give e-books, gift certificates to events or experiences, a pass to a physical activity (gym), a ticket to a cultural event, a free lesson in music or cooking

• Make your own personal coupon books (services you will volunteer to do like computer help, cleaning, massage, yard care, shopping)

• Consumables like homemade jams, flavored honey, wines, vinegars or free trade coffee

• Use recycled, reusable gift bags or sewing material remnants and leftover ribbon or try paper embedded with seeds for planting in your garden

• Then recycle your last year’s electronics and batteries through biggreenbox

Above all, take the time to enjoy your family and the environment. Take a moonlit walk after a pleasurable long holiday repast.

And let us know your unique sustainable tips, how you celebrate your holidays in a sustainable way; we would love to hear from you.